Korolon® High Temperature Coatings

Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. (MiTi) has developed the Korolon® high temperature coatings designed for applications requiring low friction, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, and thermal and oxidation protection. These coatings have been specifically developed and evaluated for a wide temperature range from room temperature to 2,400oF (1,315 oC).

  • The Korolon® coatings have been successfully used as solid film lubricants in high-speed and high-temperature rotating machinery while maintaining a low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance.
  • The high temperature Korolon® coatings have been successfully evaluated as thermal and environmental barrier coatings (TBC/EBC) on static and rotating components requiring protection from harsh environments, such as in ramjet and gas turbine engines.

Applications of Korolon® coatings:

  • Oil-free, high speed foil bearings
  • Oil-free, high speed foil seals
  • Foil bearings in gas turbines
  • TBC/EBC in ramjet simulator
  • High speed micromachining spindle
  • Oil-free, high speed air compressor
  • Foil bearings in turboalternator/generator
  • Foil bearings in fule cell compressor
  • Foil bearings and seals in hydrogen compressor

The Korolon® series includes both polymer-based and ceramic-based coatings.  Extensive research and development have lead to refined processing methods to ensure a practical and cost-effective deposition method for coating metallic and ceramic substrates.  Extensive durability testing has included high speed friction testing using journal and thrust foil bearings, adhesion testing using standard methods of bend testing, pull-testing and indentation testing; thermal stability and conductivity testing using conductive and convective heat methods; and full scale application simulation testing both in the laboratory and in the field.

MiTi Korolon Coating

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