Compliant Foil Bearings

MiTi foil bearings and high speed rotating machinery products are handmade in the USA to a high level of precision by our skilled craftsmen in accordance with our rigorous engineering designs and uncompromising standards. MiTi® 4th Generation compliant foil bearings have unlimited speed potential, high load carrying capacity, can operate under temperature extremes from cryogenic to 650°C, have low power loss and long life.   MiTi® foil bearings have a thin compliant foil bearing surface supported by compliant bump elements.  When the shaft spins at high speed inside the foil bearing, a thin cushion of air is generated that lifts and supports the shaft during operation.  The smooth top foil provides the surface for the  hydrodynamic generated film pressure to lift and support the spinning shaft.  The bump strips are custom designed to provide the correct amount of stiffness and damping for smooth operation, even when external vibrations occur.  The bumps also allow the bearing to accommodate large shaft growth due to thermal or centrifugal affects.  MiTi®’s self acting foil bearings can use the process fluid/gas to eliminate auxiliary equipment and environmental hazards associated with the use and disposal of lubricating oils.  Process lubricated bearings increase the potential for hermetic sealing.  Bearing sizes range from 6 mm to 200 mm in diameter.

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