Wear Mechanisms of a Dental Glass Ceramic

S. Jahanmir and X. Dong, “Wear Mechanisms of a Dental Glass Ceramic,” Wear, 181-183 (1995) 821-825.

Wear tests were conducted on a mica-containing glass-ceramic designed for use in dental restoration of occlusal surfaces. In these tests, an alumina ball was slid against a glass-ceramic disk in laboratory air atmosphere. The friction coefficient was monitored during the tests and the wear rates were determined from profile traces obtained on the wear tracks after the tests were completed. The wear surfaces were examined in a scanning electron microscope to determine the wear mechanism. It was concluded that wear primarily occurs by a microfracture process along the mica-glass interface. Since the size and volume fraction of the mica plates is expected to control the microfracture process, wear could be controlled by altering the microstructure of this material.

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