Tribological and Thermal Properties of a New Flexible Ceramic Coating

H. Heshmat, J. F. Walton and S. Jahanmir, “Tribological and Thermal Properties of a New Flexible Ceramic Coating,”  Proceedings of STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, May 15-19, 2011, Atlanta, GA.

In the present study the tribological and thermal properties of a new environmental barrier coating are demonstrated for high temperature  applications.  The new Korolon™ 1350A, used in the study, is a ceramic based coating and is applied by a conventional spray gun process. The coating deposition process has been optimized to obtain consistent and well adhered coatings to substrates including thin wires.  The adhesion of the coating was evaluated using a conventional pull test and a standard bend test commonly used for adhesion strength testing of thin coatings. The coating adhesion strength exceeded the capability of the standard pull test adhesive.   The effects of coating substrate material, surface roughness, and coating thickness on adhesion strength were evaluated (Figure 1).

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