The Effect of Dynamic Loads in Tribometers – Analysis and Experiment

Heshmat, H. “The Effect of Dynamic Loads in Tribometers – Analysis and Experiment,” Proceedings of the 16th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, Mechanics of Coatings, (1989) Tribology Series 17, Elsevier Science Publishers, Paper XX (II), pp. 465-473.

The analysis was carried out for dry contact tribosystems to elucidate the notorious uncharacterized relationship between the coefficient of friction, wear, and sliding velocity as functions of the tribometer global dynamic properties; its mass, imbalance, stiffness, frequency, etc.  Since the presence and level of dynamic loads are elevated by an order of magnitude in the modern tribotesters, dry contact, high speed rolling/sliding and low resilient tribomaterials are the subject of study.


Two types of tribometers, pin-on-disk and disk-on-disk, have been considered for evaluation in order to determine: 1) dynamic forces due to runout of the spinning disc specimen; 2) load wear and coefficient of friction measurements and their interlocking relationship with item 1.  the significance of the analysis lies in the prediction of dynamic loads in the contact surfaces of the tribomaterials due to the runout (static, dynamic and transient) of the specimens; where the coefficients of friction and wear values contain a certain degree of error in a complex form.  The results of analyses and theoretical models backed by experiments offers a guide towards the correction, measurement and design methodology of such tribotesters. 

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