Simulation of Diamond Ground Surfaces

P. Koshy, L. K. Ives, and S. Jahanmir, “Simulation of Diamond Ground Surfaces,” International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 39(1999) 1451-1470.

State-of-the-art models available for predicting the characteristics of diamond-ground surfaces entail digitization of wheel topography which limits their practical utility. This paper presents a geometric simulation of surface generation in diamond grinding, that utilizes wheel topography data obtained from simulated three-dimensional structure of the diamond grinding wheel. Simulation results are validated by surface grinding experiments on a variety of materials that exhibit different material removal mechanisms, with the roughness parameters Ra and Rt, the autocorrelation function and the fractal dimension as the comparison indices. A parametric study on the effect of various grinding parameters on surface finish is also reported, with particular emphasis on identifying and minimizing process-inherent variability.

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