Machining of Advanced Ceramics

S. Jahanmir, “Machining of Advanced Ceramics,” Presentation Summaries of the Society of Lubrication Engineers and Tribologists, Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, (1995) 8.

High machinery cost is described as a primary impediment to the widespread use of advanced ceramics. A research programme initiated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology is reviewed. Objectives are to provide measurement methods, obtain mechanistic data, and develop cost-effective machining techniques. Grinding optimization and machinability database projects are described. Characterization of grinding damage shows the presence of lateral cracks parallel to the surface, median and radial cracks perpendicular to the surface, and small intergranular and transgranular microcracks. Methods used for examining machining damage are discussed. Nano-precision grinding and chemomechanical effects are reviewed and grinding mechanisms are described.

Other Projects