Design of a Small Centrifugal Blood Pump with Magnetic Bearings

Jahanmir, S., Hunsberger, A.Z., Ren, Z., Heshmat, H., Heshmat, C.A., Tomaszewski, M.J. and Walton II, J.F.  “Design of a Small Centrifugal Blood Pump with Magnetic Bearings,”  (2009) Artificial Organs, Volume 33, No. 9, pp. 714-726.

Design of a blood pump with a magnetically levitated rotor requires rigorous evaluation of the magnetic bearing and motor requirements and analysis of rotordynamics and hydraulic performance with attention to hemolysis and thrombosis potential.  Given the desired geometric dimensions, the required operating speed, flow in both the main and wash flow regions, and magnetic bearing performance, one of several design approaches was selected for a new prototype. Based on the estimated operating speed and clearance between the rotor and stator, the motor characteristics and dimensions were estimated.  The motor stiffness values were calculated and used along with the hydraulic loading due to the fluid motion to determine the best design for the axial and radial magnetic bearings. Radial and axial stability of the LVAD prototype was verified using finite element rotordynamic analysis.  The analysis indicated that the rotor could be completely levitated and spun to the desired operating speed with low power loss and no mechanical contact.  In vitro experiments with a mock loop test setup were performed to evaluate the performance of the new blood pump prototype.


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