, Ceramic Machining: Assessment of Current Practice and Research Needs in the United States

S. Jahanmir, L. K. Ives, A. W. Ruff, and M. B. Peterson, Ceramic Machining: Assessment of Current Practice and Research Needs in the United States, NIST-SP 834, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC (1992).

Advanced structural ceramics, such as silicon nitride, are attractive for many advanced applications due to their high strength at elevated temperatures, resistance to chemical degradation, wear resistance, and low density. Despite these advantages, there are considerable impediments to the introduction of advanced ceramics. With current technology, fabrication costs are high, compared to other materials, and component reliability is uncertain. A study was conducted to assess the current state-of-the-art in the machining of advanced ceramics and to identify research areas which could lead to significant improvements. In conducting the assessment, an extensive literature search was carried out, visits and discussions were held with industrial companies interested in ceramic machining, a telephone survey was conducted on ceramic machining shops, a research-in-progress database was consulted, individuals were invited to visit NIST and discuss different aspects of ceramic machining. The ultimate goal of the program is to further the utilization of advanced structural ceramics in industrial applications by increasing the cost-effectiveness of ceramic components. It is recommended that these projects be carried out jointly by government laboratories and industry to facilitate technology transfer, and that all research activities funded by the government be coordinated to minimize the possibility of duplication of effort.

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