Analysis of Gas-Lubricated Foil Journal Bearings

Heshmat, H., Walowit, J. and Pinkus, O. “Analysis of Gas-Lubricated Foil Journal Bearings,” (1982) American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Paper), 9 p., (1983) Journal of Lubrication Technology, Volume 105 (4), pp. 647-655.

This work is concerned with an evaluation of a gas journal bearing using a spring supported compliant foil as the bearing surface.  The analysis, conducted for both single and multipad configurations, is concerned with the effects that the various structural, geometric, and operational variables have on bearing behavior.  Following the solution of the relevant differential equation, tabular or graphical solutions are provided for a range of relevant geometric and operational parameters.  The solutions include values of the colinear and cross-coupled spring coefficients due to both structural and hydrodynamic stiffness.  Desirable design features with regard to start of bearing arc, selection of load angle, number of pads and degree of compliance are discussed.  

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