Advanced Multi-Squeeze Film Dampers for Rotor Vibration Control

Heshmat, H. and Walton II, J.F. “Advanced Multi-Squeeze Film Dampers for Rotor Vibration Control,” Paper No. 90-TC-3E-1, 1990 ASME/STLE Tribology Conference, (1991) Tribology Transactions, Volume 34 (4), pp. 489-496.

In this paper a novel, high load squeeze film damper design, supporting analysis, and experimental results are presented.  The spiral foil multi-squeeze film damper demonstrated that two to four fold or larger increases in damping levels are possible without resorting to significantly decreased damper clearances.  As a result, the nonlinearities associated with high eccentricity operation are avoided.  Controlled or bit tests with a dual squeeze film configuration were completed and favorably compared with theoretical predictions.  The ability to accommodate high steady state and transient imbalance conditions make this damper well suited to a wide range of rotating machinery, including aircraft gas turbine engines.  

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