MiTi has developed a series of the world’s first completely oil-free turbomachinery using compliant foil bearings, ranging from turbochargers to turbine engines and pipeline class hydrogen compressors.  The low power-loss and lubricant-free foil bearings overcome contamination, drag, speed and temperature limitations associated with other machine bearing designs to increase responsiveness, efficiency and durability.  Premature bearing failures due to high speed and high operating temperatures are eliminated.  Oil supply and scavenge lines are also eliminated, resulting in simplified installations, reduced oil leak potential and lower part count.

MiTi® turbogenerators are very high efficiency, turbine powered electric generator systems for use with either conventional fuels or renewable energy sources including solar, waste heat or wind.  Low operating and maintenance costs are due to the integrated assembly of an advanced turbine drive, an efficient high-speed, 4-pole permanent magnet generator rotor and MiTi® compliant foil bearings.  Having only one moving part that is supported on a film of process gas increases machine reliability and durability.  Long product life is achieved because there is no contact between the bearing and shaft during operation.  This product can also be used for combined energy and refrigeration systems. Environmental hazards associated with the use and disposal of lubricating oils are eliminated with MiTi®’s compliant foil bearings and potential for hermetic sealing is increased.  Power ranges from ½ to 200 kW have been designed or are in development.   

CleanTech Solutions for a world in need of  sustainable energy.

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