A family of 5 to 200 HP high-speed permanent magnet or induction motors with operational speeds ranging up to 180,000 rpm has been developed.  Each motor uses MiTi® airfoil bearings, high power density motor elements and a VFD to provide motors with efficiencies greater than 95%.  Because MiTi® oil-free airfoil bearings are used, no auxiliary lubrication supply system is needed, eliminating maintenance and hazardous waste disposal issues.  Efficiency gains of from 30-35% over medium sized, high-speed motors using oil-lubricated bearings have been demonstrated.  The VFD permits a wide operating speed range and precise speed control.  As with our other products, the single moving part and MiTi® bearings assure long life and low maintenance in a compact package.  Custom designs requiring higher power levels and speeds to meet special needs are available.  


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