Compressors & Blowers

MiTi® blowers, ranging from 5 HP to 200 HP, are designed to use high-efficiency, high-speed permanent magnet motor elements, MiTi® patented 4th Generation airfoil bearings, advanced impellers and controllers for variable speed operation. The single integrated motor, impeller and oil-free bearing system increases life, and reduces maintenance costs and machine footprint.  Wide operating speed range demands are achieved with sensorless variable frequency drives.  Long life in a compact, lightweight and quiet package.  Low starting and operating currents, made possible by MiTi® foil bearings, reduce operating and maintenance costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions.  Since absolutely no oil is used in MiTi® blowers, environmental hazards and waste disposal issues are eliminated.  Because MiTi® blowers and compressors are absolutely oil-free, they can be customized to work with many different process gases.  When used with fuel cell stacks, contaminant free compressed air or hydrogen is supplied.

CleanTech Solutions for a world in need of sustainable energy.

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