MiTi Is Hiring!

Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. is looking to hire talented, self-motivated people for two full-time positions with benefits.

Junior Mechanical Engineer

This position is an entry-level mechanical engineer. The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of fundamentals of mechanical engineering as taught in the standard undergraduate-level curriculum, sufficient to discuss and work on problems in mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics.

Laboratory Technician

The ideal candidate will be comfortable with instrumentation of experimental systems and will understand computer-based methods of data acquisition, for example interfacing thermocouples to LabView. The position requires the ability to perform basic experimental data organization, provide descriptive reporting, and prepare presentation-quality plots, for example using Excel.

Please note that due to requirements of government contract work, candidates must be US citizens.

Send contact information and resume to [email protected] More information about specific requirements will be available soon.

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