Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. (MiTi) is an advanced product development company with specific expertise in high-speed rotating machinery and advanced oil-free bearings and seals. Current company emphasis is on integrating MiTi’s advanced oil-free bearing technologies into high speed rotating machinery where conventional oil lubricated bearings are unsuitable.

The laws of physics play a major role in the successful future of our company. As rotating machinery is made ever smaller and more compact, the speeds at which these machines must rotate to perform the same job increases dramatically. These speeds are now approaching the physical limits of conventional oil lubricated rolling element bearings, resulting in shorter bearing life and serious degradation in system reliability.

Founding Principles

The company, which was formed in November 1994, is headed by Dr. Hooshang Heshmat and three other principals, Mr. James F. Walton II, Ms. Melissa D. Heshmat and Mr. Michael J. Tomaszewski. Their shared vision is to foster and secure MiTi’s position as the world wide leader in advanced oil-free bearing technologies and to apply its bearings to efficient, environmentally sound, advanced rotating machinery systems that will provide a positive and long lasting contribution to our society.

The president of the company, Dr. Hooshang Heshmat, has played a primary role in the development of compliant foil bearings and has been responsible for major advances in this field including analytical and experimental research for bearing/seal design and application. Much of his work has been related to applying compliant foil bearings to high-speed turbomachinery, including advanced turbine engines (cruise missiles and liquid rocket engines), automotive gas turbines, air-cycle machinery for aircraft, turbochargers, turboexpanders, cryocoolers, pumps, compressors and refrigerant systems. Dr. Heshmat received his B.S. from Pennsylvania State University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Mechanical Engineering. An STLE and ASME Fellow, Dr. Heshmat was Chairman of the Research Committee on Tribology of ASME (1999-2000) and a member of the ASME Tribology Division Executive and Honors and Awards Committees. He holds 28 patents, has published over 150 papers and has co-authored the chapter on Principles of Bearing Design for the Compressor Handbook and authored the book “Tribology of Interface Layers”. The principals are world renowned experts in their fields of foil bearings, fluid film bearings, powder lubrication, magnetic bearings, dampers and high-speed rotating machinery. On a par with major universities and research centers, MiTi engineers hold 28 U.S. and international patents, and have published more than 150 papers related to our products and services. More than just theoretical experts, the engineers at MiTi are highly regarded for their ability to meet customers’ real world needs and transition technology to successful product.